Welcome to Jet Ski Jesse!

Hey there thrill-seekers and water lovers! Welcome aboard Jet Ski Jesse, your ticket to the ultimate splash-tastic adventure in sunny San Diego! I’m Jesse, your captain of fun (yeah, the name’s no coincidence), and I gotta say, it’s a pleasure to have you peep our site.

Now, picture this: a San Diego native, yours truly, living it up in Pacific and Mission Beach for a solid decade. That’s right, I’ve practically got seawater running through my veins! After years of zipping around on jet skis, I thought, “Hey, why hog all the good times to myself?” So here I am, on a mission to spread the wave-riding joy!

Here’s the scoop: in life, there are three undeniable treasures – good company, sandy shores, and killer activities. And guess what? We’ve got the trifecta covered! Get ready for some serious water-induced euphoria because we’re here to serve up memories that’ll make your Instagram followers jealous!

Got burning questions or need a helping hand? Don’t sweat it! I’m here to personally ensure your aquatic escapades are nothing short of epic. So, let’s crank up the excitement and dive headfirst into a sea of unforgettable moments!

Stay salty and stoked,
Jesse Janssen Chief Wave-Maker

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